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Upcoming Fishing Trips

I’ve slacked a bit on my writing the past week. I’ve been fairly busy and to be honest, I haven’t been out to hunt or fish since I shot my buck.

Luckily this will all change come this weekend. The beach is calling my name.

I (miraculously) worked out my school schedule and rather than leave to head home for Thanksgiving next Tuesday, I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon (Friday). This gives me 10 days off, and plenty of chances to go fish. From what I’ve heard, and from personal experience, the big Bull Reds are starting to move into Pensacola, and I’ll have a few shots at them this year.

Last Thanksgiving I was able to get my girlfriend her first over-slot red pretty easily, and this year I’d like to catch quite a few myself.

Weather permitting, I’ll get the kayak wet as well and maybe catch a few trout and flounder. Expect some reports to roll in sometime next week! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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