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Topwater Explosions

Worms wouldn’t work. Neither would spinner baits or practically anything else in the tackle box. A storm from was rolling in. The wind died and the water slicked off.

Late in the evening, as a last ditch effort to catch a fish, an old reliable topwater lure was thrown around some stumps…

“Now I’d just love to see one of those big 8 pounders come up and annihilate this lure”

Ask and you shall receive…on the very next cast.

Biggest bass yet and the topwater explosion was enough to make your heart skip a beat. More soon to come from this lake! 


  1. Sweet! Did he take you for a ride in the canoe?

  2. Awesome Fish! Did you release it? I would have been very tempted to mount that monster!

    • I did release it. I was tempted to keep it and do exactly that, but made the decision to just let it go. I do, however, wish that I had a tape measure to get the length and girth for a mount.

    • You could do a good estimate with the first picture posted. Sit in your boat exactly like you were and have someone take a picture while you hold out a yardstick. Then, compare the two pictures. It would be tedious, but worth it in the end. I have done it before with very good results. You can get within half an inch on length. A fiberglass mount is usually off by half an inch anyway.

      The girth is harder, unless you have a pic of its thickness.

      When I have a big fish and no tape I hold it up to my leg or fishing rod and take pictures before I release it. It is easy to get a close idea of its dimentions from there.

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