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Time for a change

Please bear with me over the next few weeks as I try to change things up here on the blog. I’ve gotten kinda tired of the way it looks and I’m unhappy with its ‘flow’ (if that even makes sense). I’ll be adding some new pages, attempting to change the background, changing the format (a bit), and a few other things.

Most notably, I’ll be changing the blog title to “The Flying Kayak”. Outdoor Adventures was…well let’s be honest…bland. Vanilla. Boring. Yes it summed it up with its broad range of ‘outdoor adventures’, but I’ve now seen a bunch of other things such as TV programs and other blogs entitled ‘Outdoor Adventures’ as well. Yes, I’m trying to be slightly different, but in my defense, it made little sense to have my current URL address with a different blog title. It will now all be The Flying Kayak and with any luck, my mind won’t change over the next few months/year.

And….just so that you haven’t read this with no pictures or anything ‘fishy’ to show for it, here’s a picture of a Tilapia that I shocked out of Lake Alice this year:

It was the first Tilapia to be found in 3 years in the lake after some hard freezes. Looks like they’re pretty tough to wipe out.

Hopefully next time you stop by, things will be slightly different looking!


  1. Can’t wait to see the changes! Let me know when you’ve officially made the title change and I’ll change it on my site ASAP

  2. Cool dude! I had a bland title before too…It was “Fisherman’s (B)log” like a fishing log and a blog at the same time…It was a way cooler idea when i first did it. Anyways keep up the good work!

  3. Well, I suppose the title change is official. I don’t plan on changing it from The Flying Kayak anytime soon :)

    I’m just having a hell of a time changing the text background transparency and I can’t get rid of that stupid map overlay at the top of the page.

    If ya’ll see something that looks horrible, just ignore it for the time being. Hopefully I can work out the kinks haha.

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