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The Power of Texting

I’m not big on the newest technology out there. I don’t have an iPhone, or even a smart phone for that matter. I have a flip phone that makes calls, takes crappy pictures, types texts extremely slow, and is semi-indestructible/military grade/survive the apocalypse/zombie-proof. Generally, if I need to tell someone something, I call them rather than text them which is opposite of what most of my friends do. At the end of the month, my text ‘sent’ box is somewhere between 30-40 and my inbox hovers around 200. To be honest, I’ve also avoided some of the other popular things such as twitter and facebook. Slowly, however, I’ve found myself sending texts more and more often. Sometimes it’s just…easier. 
The other day was a prime example of this. I had planned to go wade fishing with a buddy of mine and one of his friends early in the morning. However, in my usual brilliance, I went out the night before and didn’t get to bed until close to 2 am. We planned to meet at the water at 5:30. I awoke angrily to my alarm at 5:00.
Ugh…I’m –really- tired. Maybe my friends are too. 
This thought bubbled up as I flipped open my phone and texted my friend: 
“U still going?”
No response. Fifteen minutes later I sent another text: 
“Yes or no? I need to know whether to get up or not haha”
No response. 
In my sleepy stupor, I had decided that –everyone- answers texts immediately (most of my friends usually do). Since my friend hadn’t answered, he was obviously still asleep and we either weren’t going, or would be going later. I decided then, that my best bet would be to fall back asleep. 
I woke up fifteen minutes later to my phone buzzing. The clock read 5:30 and I had a new text: 
“We are here” 
DOH! I scrambled out of bed, threw on my clothes that I had miraculously put together the evening before, grabbed my rod and lures, and headed out the door. 
I was about 20 minutes late, but my friends were out wade fishing already and hadn’t caught anything yet. We proceeded to wade around and throw top-water in hopes of some big trout. I had several fish come up and strike my lure, but every one of them missed. 
After about an hour, my buddy Johnny finally landed a nice trout on his top-water plug. 
I soon switched to subsurface and began catching fish. To my surprise, I caught three trout that looked like they came from the same cookie cutter. All three were only about 10 inches long. Soon after, I caught one small, but legal fish and released him as well. My buddy landed only that one trout, and his friend had similar luck to me with a few tiny trout. 
While walking back to my tackle box on the beach, I spotted a balled up school of mullet. Since I never pass up a chance to snatch mullet, I threw the only thing I had at them which was a lead head jig. To my shock, after about 5 casts, I hooked one. My drag began to scream and I saw an –enormous- mullet jump out of the water with my jig in its side. I fought the fish for right around a minute before my hook finally pulled out and it swam away. I really wished I could have landed the fish since it would have easily been the biggest mullet I’ve ever snatched. The good news is that I found a new place to try and shoot mullet with the pole spear. I’ll be trying it later this week. 
Overall, I had a good time on my wade fishing trip. It was nice to fish with some friends and even catch fish (even though I failed to take pictures). I also learned that in many instances, texts aren’t reliable. Guess I’ll just have to go back to good ol’ fashioned phone calls.

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  1. I love fishing for trout on topwater!

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