Sadly, I haven’t had much time for hunting or fishing the past few weeks. School has been absolutely brutal and this weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I’ve had off.

A few weeks ago I was looking around Gainesville for possible ponds to fish. I noticed from the imagery that there was a pond in the middle of an apartment complex right across the street from where I live. I walked over to the pond soon after and found it to be almost accessible around its entire edge. To make things better, there’s tons of room to cast a fly. There’s also a large fountain in the middle of the pond. I wasn’t 100% sure there were fish in the pond until I noticed a dead bluegill on the bank and after seeing that, I decided to fish it.

Yesterday was my first chance to fish the pond so I grabbed my 3 wt. and walked across the street to see what I could do. I fished for maybe an hour and caught 4 bluegill (1 keeper) and a warmouth. I was rather shocked that I caught any fish at all. I hadn’t been out there 5 minutes before there was a huge splash next to me and I look to see a dog swimming out into the middle of the pond to fetch a tennis ball. I’m not exactly used to having people all over the place when I fish. But…I moved, and began catching fish again, so I suppose it was alright (the dog tired out after about 20 minutes anyways).

Nothing would touch a surface fly so I changed to a little bead head nymph and began getting hook ups. I did manage to miss a nice strike from a decent sized fish. Upon inspecting my fly, I noticed that the hook had actually broken in half. Certainly a first for me. I’ll probably be spending a bit more time down at the pond in the next week now that school is winding down.

As of right now, the plan is to head back to Pensacola when school gets out and get down to some serious fishing. There’s a kayak fishing tournament I’m thinking about entering when I get home. It should prove interesting. Especially if I can manage to land a king or cobia in the yak with me.