Ok, I know the 4th of July is quite a long ways away, but I wanted to share possibly the most patriotic catch I’ve had to date. It’s never too late/early to celebrate one’s patriotism.

I went beach fishing again last week with my dad. The plan was to get up first thing in the morning, and head out before the sun got up too high. Sadly, that dream was crushed when we both didn’t wake up until almost 9:00am. Hey…It’s Christmas vacation after all.

We got to the beach to find that the water was still a little churned up from the storms the day before. We picked a spot, set up, and waited. After not having a single bite for about 20 minutes, we decided to move. We walked the beach cart down the beach about 300 yards to a small point and set up there.

Shockingly, we made the right move. Within 5 minutes I hooked and landed a Pompano.

Another 5 minutes and I landed a Bluefish. And only a few minutes after that, my dad landed a 24″ Redfish. The sun came out immediately after landing the Red and the bite stopped…Completely. The next two hours were fishless, and we finally called it a day. One glance into the cooler confirmed it though. The catch was Red, White (ok silver/white), and Blue.

Redfish, Pompano, and Bluefish

I realize that catching a Whiting would have been more fitting for a solid Red, White, and Blue catch, but “meh”…Close enough.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I definitely look forward to the hunting and fishing in 2012!