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Reaching goals

As an outdoorsman, I find myself setting goals constantly. Whether it’s taking a deer with a bow, or catching a new species on the fly, I’m in a constant struggle to reach a new objective and generally make things more difficult on myself. It’s something that I feel is important and really just makes you feel good about yourself when you reach your goals.

Recently, I came up with a new sort of goal. Something I certainly never expected to even be attempting to attain. My goal was to reach 1000 page views on this blog in a month. I know that for some of my fellow bloggers, that isn’t much at all…and for others, it’s quite a bit. But I felt like it was something that was possible and I set about writing a bit more and advertising my blog in several different places. This goal was set when I realized that last month, I’d doubled my previous record high and reached just shy of 500 views in a month. The next step would obviously be 1000 views. I was rather shocked today when I realized that I just about made it. As usual, my incredible luck held out. My blogger account recognized 8pm as being 12:00 midnight so it essentially ended my month at that time with only 14 more page views to go before I hit the 1k mark. Meh…close enough. I can tell everyone it was 1000. It’ll be the “it was -THIS- big” *extends arms wide* syndrome.

I’m not much of one for stats, but I felt pretty good about this. In the course of two months, my page view quadrupled. I definitely have all of my returning readers to thank for that! Sooo….Thank you!

Another goal of mine, which was only made a few months back, has still yet to be reached. I’ve been trying (and failing) to catch a King Mackerel from the kayak. I’ve probably caught well over a hundred Kings over the course of my fishing career, but they’ve eluded me while in my kayak thus far. I still vividly remember my very first King that my dad helped me reel in.

I remember the rod, reel, and lure we were trolling when the fish struck. I remember becoming almost bored after trolling for so long with no luck. I remember the sound of the drag screaming and the rod doubling over. I remember being shocked at how hard it pulled.

I also remember cowering behind the seat in our boat when my dad finally gaffed the fish and brought it in the boat. All those teeth scared me a little at that age. I hope that landing a King in my kayak will be just as memorable. Even though it wasn’t a goal of mine at that age, it still sticks with me. On top of the challenge, I think that setting goals helps one remember things better. Gives one a better appreciation of just what’s really going on. Do I remember my first Speckled Trout? Yes. Do I remember my 200th speck? Hell no. Do I remember my first Speckled Trout on the fly after hundreds of others on conventional? Yes.

Maybe it has something to do with ‘firsts’, but that’s sorta what goals are. It isn’t really a goal after the first time it happens, is it?

Anyways…to end my rambling…I’ll be heading out King fishing from the kayak tomorrow morning. Hopefully it’ll be the day. I recently bought an HD GoPro Hero and with any luck, I might just be able to catch a goal of mine on camera. I can only hope.

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  1. Good read dude! If you don’t have goals nothing great will ever happen! Congratulations on the 986 hits šŸ˜‰

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