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My Summer Ends

Scared? Maybe…

Woah. There went my summer, spiraling out of control. Kinda scary how quick it went. It slipped through my fingers before I knew what happened. The road ahead consists of being land locked, no kayak fishing, school, living with 3 other guys, and hunting public land. Am I excited? Sorta. It’ll be good to see all of my friends again, but it’s gonna suck not getting to just go kayak fish for anything saltwater whenever I want. Overall I enjoyed my summer big time. It may have been my best summer yet.

Tomorrow morning (in like 5 hours), I’ll be getting up to make one last trip in the Gulf with the yak. I’ll be aiming for another King…maybe even a Tarpon. I’d like either and I hope I can catch it on film. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted!


  1. Don’t worry. I’ll do enough kayak fishing for the both of us šŸ˜‰

  2. Cherish it. Some of the best times of my life were the beginnings and ends of college summers! Complicated time, for sure, but lots of fun that you will miss once a career starts to blend the seasons together (as far as your day to day activities).

  3. LOL @ the girl on your side! Is that how she looks when she’s scared? You were the only one who looked scared. Haha! Those vacations are simply made better by the company of friends. No time should be wasted during these times!

    ~Walter Tully

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