Thursday, May 13, 2010: Was up at 0500 this morning and out again at 0530. Did another early morning roost check and I failed to identify the only bird I saw for half a second. Later went around to different clusters and I learned how to age chicks using the peeper. Did quite a bit of driving and got to break out the 4×4 a few times. I was able to (almost) properly identify two RCW’s today. I apparently have trouble with my yellows/oranges/light greens so my color combinations were a little off. It doesn’t help either that FWC uses hot pink to band some of these birds and over time, hot pink fades to orange. Whites sometimes look like greens, blues like blacks and so on. Literally one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to do. At one point today I parked the truck on the side of a highway for about 15 minutes. Upon returning I found literally thousands of love bugs had descended on the truck and were swarming. I’m pretty sure there are still quite a few in the cab. Finished up work at 1245 today. Didn’t see nearly as much wildlife today. Just some RCW’s, a few quail and 1 swallow tailed kite. Tomorrow I have to help band the RCW chicks which requires some tree climbing. Gotta be up at 0800.