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Getting Close…Don’t Get Stung!

While scrolling through some pictures of a recent fishing trip, I stumbled across one that qualifies for a photo prompt given by the Outdoor Blogger Network. They want macro shots. I’m notorious for -not- taking up close pictures, but I managed to get one kinda by accident.

The jellyfish were out in full force, and I’m still in the process of writing the report for that day, however uneventful it may have been. Took quite a few underwater shots with my camera and I’m always pleased when I can just dunk it in the water and not worry about it.

Lots…And lots, of Jellies

Latest report should be on its way later this week. On second thought, maybe getting sea sick and snatching a cobia from the kayak doesn’t really qualify as uneventful. Anyways, stay tuned!

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