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Flash…Thunder…Fried Computer

Florida ranks number one in the US for lightning strikes. And this summer hasn’t been lacking any storms. Thanks to some severe weather, I’m currently blogging this on my phone while sitting on the couch. I came home last weekend to discover my computer, modem, and router had been absolutely fried by lightning. It was all on a surge protector, but Lord know what exactly happened. I can only hope that my files are recoverable (the computer turns on at least). So for the time being, I’m mildly incapacitated for my writing.

But there’s good news…

I just went ahead and purchased a new computer that should be about 5 times better than my old one. This means more pictures, videos, and hopefully stories. It gets here next week, and with any luck I can get the ball rolling again on posting stories.

Lesson learned Mother Nature. I’ll unplug my things while I’m away. Lightning is nothing to mess with. Niether outside nor inside.


  1. That sucks. I just had a fan go out that took out my machine for a week. Now you have me thinking that I got off easy.

  2. Our satellite receiver and TV got fried about the same time your computer did, those were crazy storms. The receiver was insured, the TV wasn’t but it was an ancient plasma screen that did a great job doubling as a space heater, so I wasn’t sad to see it go.

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