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I was recently given the opportunity to write for Legendary Whitetails. They’re a hunting apparel/gear company that focuses on…you guessed it…Whitetails. They recently opened up a community section and asked that I contribute a bit, so I happily obliged. The following is just a quick piece of the article.

“I half expect after every stifled sneeze to have to put my eyeballs back into their sockets or push small bits of brain matter back into my ears.”

Oh yes. It’s one of those articles. To read the full story, please check it out at

I’m currently finishing up a report for what was my best hunting trip….well…ever, and it should be up soon. I won’t be spending -too- much time outdoors in the next few weeks. Something horrible has happened, and it’s currently consuming most of my waking hours.

Hopefully it’ll all be over soon…

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  1. Cough, Sneeze or Fart…the three worst bodily eruptions to happen while hunting. Great article, and congrats on your first publication, I hope there will be many more to follow. However belated, we should do another Stubbies get together to celebrate and talk hunting…i’m buying. Oh and PS my buddy got a decent little boar in Devil’s Hammock this past weekend.

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