My family and friends recently told me about a situation in an Argentinian airport where a man was arrested when 247 exotic species were discovered in his suitcase.

The article can be found here

The species included exotic snakes and insects, many of  which are highly venomous.

Seriously? 247 species in a -suitcase-?? I understand that some people like certain pets, but come on. If it’s illegal to posses an animal in your country, it’s probably for a good reason. Places like the Florida Everglades are a prime example of what can happen as a result of the exotic pet trade. Aquarium fish, Iguanas, Burmese Pythons…The list goes on, and on, and on. They’re all loose and it’s an absolute mess, yet still there are people who try to smuggle exotic species across borders. This particular instance was a trip from Argentina to Spain, but still. Who knows what could happen if some of these animals escaped? Many people believe nothing would happen…The the animal would probably die because it isn’t in its natural environment. But the possibility remains that it -could- happen, and the implications from its release are completely unknown. Years ago, no one would have expected the Everglades (as well as countless other natural areas around the country) to be subject to the invasion of many exotics, but guess what? It’s happened.

Instances like my post a few weeks back, shouldn’t be happening. It’s our responsibility to properly care for exotic pets, and eradicate those that are established in their non-native habitats. I’m just thankful that someone noticed this man’s bulging, slithering suitcase of environmental destruction.

And with that, I’ll step off my soap box. I’ve got a few fishing reports coming up, sadly no pictures because I can’t seem to remember my camera. Stay tuned!