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Empty Magazines

It was a hot and muggy night as the Dodge Ram rumbled its way down the bumpy dirt road. The pattering of mud could be heard underneath the truck as the tires ran over wet patches from the rain earlier in the day. With AC/DC’s Back in Black blaring for all the nocturnal woodland creatures to hear, I struggled to hold the thermal monocular to my eye with every bump.

We’d already had a very successful night. Several groups of pigs had been seen well within range and we had even managed to kill a few of them. In fact, we were on our way to dispose of the butchered carcasses when we were interrupted.

“Pig…Pigpigpigpig”. I could see the shape of a pig glowing white hot in the thermal imaging through a corn field. A big pig.

Brian Johnson was immediately hushed as the radio was silenced and the truck skidded to a halt.

“Hand me the FLIR and the spotlight”, said my friend as he climbed out the driver side window to look over the truck’s roof.

I quickly readied my SKS, flipped on the red dot reflex sight, and waited for the light to come on. Only a moment later, the corn field was lit up in the spot light…

And that was it…

Just corn. I could see no pig. No sign of life. Just row after row of corn. Many yards into the field, I could see a lone stalk barely wiggling.

“Shoot in the middle of the light”, whispered my friend.

It honestly takes little convincing to get me to take a shot. I do usually like to take my  time and ensure I’m making a good shot, but…I’ve got a 20 round magazine for a reason. And I’m a firm believer in “Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em”.

It was all over in less than a couple of seconds. My ears were ringing and I could already tell my shoulder hurt from not placing the stock correctly in my haste. The faint echo of gunfire disappeared through the humid night air, and two corn stalks leaned a bit before toppling over after being severed by lead.

“Did I get it?”

“Let’s find out.”

With pistols drawn and a flashlight/FLIR in hand, we slowly made our way through the rows of corn in search of the boar. We could hear something rustling a few yards ahead, and we cautiously made our way forward. Being charged in thick vegetation by a wounded boar would be a poor way to end the evening after all. The corn rows suddenly opened up into a cleared area about 15x15ft big; A direct result of the pig rooting around. And at the far end of the clearing lay a big boar, dead as a hammer. He was hit multiple times, but most notably twice in the chest and once just behind the eye.

Though we never weighed him, we estimated him to weigh at least 200lbs. His tusks were quite puny, right around an inch long, but he was a trophy for me. Of all the pigs I’ve killed and helped kill since February, this was my biggest and my first with the SKS’s new upgrades (which will be shown in detail in a future post).

The only thing better than a good pig roast and a cold beer with friends and family is remembering that I got to do all of this at work. I’ve just got to keep buying ammo and emptying magazines. Thanks for reading!


  1. If I send you a bag a Hawaiian buns, can you fill them with barbeque and send them back?

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