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Beach Fishing

I haven’t taken the kayak out once since I’ve been home. It’s not that I haven’t -wanted- to, it’s just that the pompano are running along the beaches right now, and I can’t stop fishing for them.

I went out late last week to do a little surf fishing. My buddy Johnny and my dad went with me and we spent the afternoon trying to fill the cooler. The fishing was alright. It certainly wasn’t non-stop action, but I can’t really complain. We succeeded in landing two keeper pompano, and five whiting.

Like usual, I left the camera at the house, so I was forced to snap pictures just prior to cleaning the fish.

It had actually been a couple of years since I last caught a pompano, so landing these two was a thrill. And the thing that was almost better than catching them? Eating them. If you’ve never had pompano, you -need- to try it. It’s fantastic.

I plan to spend quite a bit of time out at the beach or in the kayak next week. The sheepshead are becoming thick around the bridges, so I think it’s time to buy a bunch of fiddler crabs and give it a try.

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  1. That was a good catch! I find fishing in a kayak more relaxing than doing it on a boat. Eating your catch is always an excellent highlight to end the day.

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