Friday, May 14, 2010: Went banding RCW chicks today with Cliff and Michelle. Got to see how banding is done but I spent my time trying to properly ID the adult birds with the spotting scope. The colors are what are killing me now. At least I can find the birds in the scope quickly. Also peeped and aged 3 nests. Finished working at 0300 and went fishing the rest of the afternoon. Went down a new road today (road 18) and at the end was a small creek on the edge of lake Jackson. Even with 75% of my back casts landing in the Spanish moss of the oaks, I managed to land a keeper Stumpknocker, a keeper blue gill and about a 12 inch bass. Didn’t bring the camera, so it only makes sense that I caught fish. I might try to take the kayak out this weekend weather permitting. I have tomorrow off so I’ll spend the day fishing.